Multichannel Outreach Masterclass: Book meetings with 30%+ of your cold prospects.

Send follow-ups that boost your reply rate

More follow-up emails means more replies. More replies equals more opportunities. Plus, all the boring tasks are automated. It's a win, win... win!

Create the perfect cold email sequence

Run your outreach campaigns on autopilot and send uniquely personalized follow-up emails. Edit your sequence, add as many steps as you like and set up desired delays between each.

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Stop sending emails when prospects reply

When a prospect replies or clicks on a specific link, you can stop sending the rest of the campaign automatically. No embarrassing moments, no manual work.

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Your schedule, your rules

Deliver your email sequence at the right time across any time zone. Analyze how different schedules perform and save the best ones for your future campaigns.

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Real time insights

At any time, you're able to see at what stage a specific prospect is at and what email they'll receive next

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Additional features you'll love


Set email delays

Pick the ideal delay between every email in your sequence.


Receive instant notifications

Get alerts as soon as someone replies to your message.


Run A/B tests

Find what follow-up strategy works best by split testing two templates.


Connect your CRM in seconds

Need to sync lemlist with your Pipedrive, Hubspot or Salesforce? No problem.

Trusted by 10,000+ companies worldwide

"It’s so simple to use, easy to connect with your CRM and their automation features will save you a lot of time. We booked more meetings using lemlist compared to other tools we used in the past."

Alla Zeitoun
Key Acc Manager @Meero

"lemlist is your cold email batmobile. Personalization, automation, deliverability... everything you need to get more replies is there."

Nick Dunse
CMO @Shuttle

"We had massive success using lemlist to grow our sales pipeline. When you work with a good company and they help you become more successful, I can just highly recommend them."

Gabriel Frasconi
SE Director @Zendesk

We had massive success using lemlist to grow our sales pipeline. When you work with a good company and they help you become more successful, I can just highly recommend them.

Gabriel Frasconi
SE Director @Zendesk

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"If you’re serious about cold email and personalization, lemlist answers all of your burning questions."

Lachlan Fea
Founder @Cloutly

"Thanks for your great solution and all your content updates, they are really helping us sell smarter through cold emails."

Lars Krüger
Co-Founder @elearnio

"Coffee cup email template is truly a great way to start the conversation with your prospects."

Heather McMillan
Sales Director @

"I'm a big advocate of relevant and value-oriented campaigns that are personalized for each prospect... and lemlist is my tool for the job."

Andrei Zinkevich
Founder @Getleado

"If you're trying to get recurring revenue clients to grow a small and profitable agency, this is a predictable system to leverage."

Chris von Wilpert
Founder @Content Mavericks

"I was able to get in touch with the right people quickly and that one smart custom tag made a big difference, while lemlist made sure my deliverability was at a very high level."

Alan Silvestri
CEO @Growth Gorilla

"Personalization is key and lemlist empowers us with many features to allow a more human and fun email campaign."

Paul Munos
COO @Shapr Talent

"lemlist personality features are the best on the market. You can personalize pictures, videos, and even the landing pages you are going to send your potential clients. The results of the cold email campaigns are astonishing!!!"

Chris Koronowski
LN Consultant & Strategist

"We're big fans of lemlist and their customization features. The impact they made on our campaigns is fantastic."

Maxime Pari
Founder & CEO @MyBizDev

"There are lots of cool and fun ideas that we wanted to test in cold email outreach. With lemlist, we were finally able to. I can't recommend them enough."

Julia Adler
Senior Sourcer @Wayne Technologies

"My emails simply stand out amongst all that noise of emails we receive every day. Building relationships with top talents is much easier thanks to highly personalized emails."

Mark Lundgren
Co-Founder @Sourcing Challenge

"This campaign was really cool and I love that it got such great results. Thank you lemlist for the help, couldn't do it without you."

Ola Swiatkowska
Talent Sourcer @Snowflake

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