The latest offering from the iotty brand is the iotty Smart Switch Pro which impresses with its chic appeal. The iotty light switch is available in a range of faceplate colors crafted from tempered Italian glass.

With a trendy look and backlighting, this switch is the perfect feature for any modernistic, residential or commercial decor. You will enjoy using this switch that employs touch-screen technology to enable turning lights off and on.

While the new-age appearance is enough to make the iotty light switch a great buy, it has several other positives. Read our iotty smart switch review for more info. 

iotty Smart Switch Detailed Specs – What You Need to Know

  • Dimensions: 4.92 inches in height, 3.35 inches in breadth, and 0.35 inches in thickness
  • Integrates with Andriod and iOS phone apps, but also has manual controls.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant controls.
  • Ultra-sensitive touch controls
  • Input – 110 Vac
  • Frequency – 60 Hz
  • Current – Max 5A per output
  • Stand by power – <0.5W
  • Working temperature – Between 0°C and +40°C
  • Available in a selection of premium colors suitable for every home decor color scheme. Some options include white, blue, black, gray, and tan.
  • Single, double, and 3 Gang Box Models are available.

Summary of the Best Features of the iotty Smart Switch

  • Stylish backlighting that works as a night light to illuminate dark hallways without turning on the lights. This feature makes it perfect for installing the iotty smart switch in the kids’ rooms.
  • Allows you to customize and dim the brightness of the backlight as needed. You can also turn it off entirely if the room is unused.
  • It can be used with most smart light bulbs
  • Enables turning lights on and off according to a preset schedule.
  • Users can interlink multiple iotty light switches to control the lights in different rooms from remote locations.
  • Enables users to monitor their energy consumption by checking the app
  • Sends alerts to your phone each time a light turns on or off
  • Identifies geolocation settings in your phone and turns on the lights when your phone enters the radius.
Pros of Getting the iotty Light Switch
  • Users can install two iotty smart switches to control a single set of lights from different locations.
  • You can install them to work with smart light bulbs, ceiling fans, and also LED strip lights.
  • The slim design of the iotty switch has a sleek relief on the wall, unlike conventional switches that pop out.
  • The iotty is an exciting power-saving gadget since the switch integrates with a phone app allowing you to turn off the lights remotely. You can also set a schedule for lights to turn on and off. This feature is handy for outdoor lights that you can turn on automatically in the evenings. And turn them off in the mornings.
  • It integrates well with your home automation systems since it uses your home’s Wi-Fi connection to work.
  • Easy to install. Although users can follow the accompanying instructions and online tutorials, calling in professionals is always advisable.
  • By configuring the iotty smart switch to the “Away” mode, you can get the switch to turn the light on and off at random times. This feature adds an extra layer of security by simulating occupancy in your home.
  • The backlighting feature makes the switch easy to find in a dark room.
  • You can get an exciting range of colors that match perfectly with the various color schemes of your decor.
  • It does not include the dimmer switch feature
  • Occasionally, it automatically disconnects from the Wi-Fi without warning
  • The iotty phone app sometimes falls short of efficiency and responsiveness, so controlling lights can be challenging. There have been issues where the operation times out without warning, and you only see an error message.
  • Delayed responses. You might notice a lag of 5 to 7 seconds from when you change a setting on your phone app to the light responding. 

Is the iotty Smart Switch a Good Buy?

iotty smart light switches are impressive with their ultra-modernistic look and appeal. The Italian tempered glass plating, backlighting, and sleek on-off touch screen buttons are super stylish.

Adding them to your room decor is excellent, and architects increasingly recommend these lights. These switches are undoubtedly a great buy. On the downside, if you want the dimmer function, you’ll have to install an additional switch. 

Most importantly, the app needs tweaking and upgrading for better responsiveness. You might have to restart the app several times to get it working again. If you can work around these glitches, the iotty smart switch is a good buy, albeit a bit expensive. Before finalizing your purchase, you might want to scout alternative brands and companies around the market.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About the iotty Smart Switch

Your iotty light switch is essentially a device you can use to switch your smart lights on and off. While this function is similar to a conventional switch and allows manual controls, this gadget does much more. You can pair it with your phone app and integrate it with your home automation system.

Scheduling when the lights turn on and off is easily done. Unlike other conventional smart switches, you don’t need to have the light switch on at all times to control the smart bulbs. That’s because the iotty light switch is hardwired to your home’s electric supply and draws power directly.

Check out this image of the phone app with the different configurations you can try:

iotty Smart Switch phone app configurations


You cannot use the iotty light switch to control the brightness of your smart lights. This device does not integrate a dimmer. However, the backlight luminance is customizable with the help of your smartphone app.

Yes, you can change the configurations for your iotty switch by issuing voice commands. The gadget works perfectly with Alexa’s Amazon and Google’s Voice Assistant. 

The exciting thing about iotty switches is that you need not install two different iottys for three-way light controls. You can install your smart switch at just one location. Your iotty can determine that the other switch controlling the light has switched it off.

The gadget stores this setting in the cloud. As a result, it will respond when you attempt to turn on the light by activating the iotty touch control. It recognizes and responds to the “On” function and turns on the lights. 

Installing your iotty smart switch is easily done, thanks to the availability of the necessary hardware in the package. You’ll also receive a detailed instruction manual with information about the various components.

When you’re ready to wire the switch, remember that for the device to work properly, it needs a neutral wire. Modern homes typically have a neutral wire. When you check the box behind your old switch, you’ll likely find a white wire that routes excess current back into the circuit. 

However, this wire could be missing if you have an older home built before the 1980s. You’ll need to install a new neutral wire. Unless you’re a trained electrician, installing this wire on your own is never advisable. Always rely on a professional to come and take care of the rewiring for you.

If you’re ready for a DIY installation, check out these easy steps:

  1. Go to the main circuit box and turn off the power at the circuit breaker. This step is extremely important to prevent the risk of electrocution.
  2. Remove the old switch from the wall. When you pull it out, you’ll note that it has four different wires. The white is the Neutral wire, and the red wire is the Hot Wire that brings power into the box. You will also see two other wires that connect to the light fixtures. 
  3. Make sure to place tiny labels on the wires as you disconnect them. That way, you’ll remember which wire goes where.
  4. If you see a copper wire, that’s the ground wire. Replace it into the box untouched. 
  5. Disconnect the old switch and connect the wires of your iotty light switch back plate. 
  6. Place caps on the ends of each wire connection to ensure that they don’t touch other wires. 
  7. Push the wires back into the wall slot and install the back plate. You can use the screws included in the kit to fasten it in place.
  8. Place the faceplate and align it with the right side up. Applying gentle pressure should fix it, and you’ll hear a small click. If installed properly, the glass faceplate will be firm and unmoving.


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