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lemlist, Outreach, Salesloft… what sales tool to pick?

No way we can answer this question without saying lemlist is the coolest. But what we can do is show you the unique things lemlist brings to the table and help you make the right decision.

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12 things you'll like about lemlist

1. Delivers your emails to the inbox, not spam

Thanks to lemlist's amazing feature called lemwarm, your cold emails will never go to spam ever again. Best part? It automatically maximizes email deliverability for you. 😇

Learn more about lemwarm ->

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how we land your emails in the primary inbox

2. Ensures people actually see your emails

You can write the best email, but if your prospect doesn't see it, it doesn't matter. That's why you want a cold email tool whose algorithm you can trust and that emails providers approve.

Ensures people actually see your emailsLine
how we land your emails in the primary inbox

3. Makes a giant leap for your sender reputation

Instead of having you forget to set up a CRUCIAL email deliverability factor, lemlist makes your life easier by giving you safe way to track opens and clicks.

custom tracking domain lemlistLine
skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

4. Skyrockets your reply and conversion rates

Grab your prospect’s attention by inserting custom images into cold emails. Their website screenshot? Or LinkedIn profile? A personalized YouTube thumbnail? You say the word and lemlist will make it happen in the flash.

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skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

5. Book more meetings with POWERFUL sales funnels

Add landing pages that are tailored to every prospect, without writing a single line of code. Embed videos, Calendly, Typeform, Eventbrite, and eliminate friction from your funnel.

dynamic landing pages lemlistLine
skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

6. Segment your audience for highly-targeted messages

With Liquid Syntax, you'll be able to customize cold emails for different verticals within your audience, optimize opening and closing sentences, localize content, and more.

lemlist liquid syntaxLine
skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

7. Go the extra mile with manual reviews

Add last-minute changes to make your cold email even more personalized for a specific person. Modify any email, including the follow-ups just the way you and your lead would prefer.

lemlist cold emailing toolsLine
skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

8. Automatic follow-up magic

Automate your follow-ups without losing that essential personal touch or damaging your reputation. Create the perfect sequence, set up the right delays, pick a schedule, and let it roll.

cold email automationLine
skyrocket your reply & conversion rates

9. Launch multichannel outbound sequences

Reverse-engineer your sales cadence and connect with people on their terms. Add cold calls and powerful CRM integrations (Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc) to your sequences.

sales engagement toolLine
find prospect info fast

10. Build relationships through seamless collaboration

Even the little details are a big deal when building relationships with your leads. Keep your team synced, assign each other tasks, add relevant notes, and contact prospects with a tap of a button.

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sales data you need

11. Be in the loop at all times

See at what stage is a lead at, what email goes out next, or how fast your campaign is being sent. Sales is a game of inches and we want you to have meaningful information in real-time.

lemlist calendarLine
sales data you need

12. Cold email templates that actually work

The best content in any space is one that’s based on proven concepts, results, and actionable tips. Precisely the north stars we were guided by when we were creating our template hub.

Access FREE templates ->

Cold email templates that actually work

These features are all great, 
but you’ll 😍 this even more

part of the family

Always there for you support

Feel free to ask anything that’s boggling your mind. We won’t let it rest until the problem is solved once and for all.

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Community you can lean on

lemlist family is a private community packed with passionate individuals from various industries who like to weigh in on each other’s ideas and strategies. Sales reps, founders, growth marketers, recruiters, we’re all here and we're waiting for you.

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